Work With Me

The more complex the technology, the simpler your messaging needs to be. Make your solutions clear. I can help. This year has been transformative for me as a writer. To date in 2019, I’ve had the pleasure to:

  • write over two-hundred separate pieces of B2B content, sixty-five for Fortune 500 companies.

  • edit one hundred eighty pieces of content.

  • support twenty plus separate clients industry-wide across the telecommunications infrastructure industry, and more.

I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with some of the best and brightest this industry offers, working closely with thought leaders to achieve outstanding content. That training is the basis from which I now provide valuable content for your business and customers.


Build traffic through frequency and useful content to simplify deployment of your products or services. 

A blog attracts an audience while establishing your authority building engagement. Your blog shows potential clients what makes you stand out.

CASE Studies

Help clients implement complex products with the staff they have, including those newer to your technology. In their 2019 State of Infrastructure Report, Interop found that the two top inhibitors of infrastructure modernization among those surveyed were:

  • Cost of implementation

  • Lack of staff expertise

A case study is a powerful workaround, showing the ease with which your products and services may be implemented.